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Writing Challenge 2014 December
“Brother, why do I always follow your plans?”
Sword smiled but he kept his silence. He had been quiet for most of the ride, something which was incredibly unusual. Especially as we were about to face a deadly dragon in order to save the next princess of the Windfall Kingdom.
I looked up at the castle we had stopped in front of. It even looked ominous, and the path the dragon had taken to enter the castle was obvious.
Sword turned in his saddle and dropped to the ground. Tying his horse to one of the trees, he started off towards the main gate without waiting for me. I quickly dismounted and tied my horse next to his. Giving a reluctant pat to my mount, I followed after my brother.
I trusted him, I trusted him with my life. But the idea of the dragon was enough to terrify me.
More specifically, the idea of my brother facing the dragon alone was what terrified me. Because that was Sword’s plan, for me to leave him to fight the dragon while I ran to find the princess.
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Writing Challenge 2014 October
"Sword, if this plan kills us I will kill you a second time."
My brother chuckled but he dismounted his horse instead of answering.
The sick feeling in my stomach worsened. Usually this was when he would boast about how grand his plan was. It was obvious something was bothering him, I just wished I knew what.
I really hoped it was not a lack of confidence in his plan. We were about to go up against a devestatingly deadly dragon., the last thing I wanted to hear was that Sword was worried.
I had my own doubts, of course. The plan largely meant I would be leaving Sword to fend for himself against the dragon while I found the princess. One man against this battle hardened dragon. As far as I was concerned, the odds had never been worse.
But I had always trusted Sword. I had trusted him in all his other dangerous plans, I would trust him now.
Except all those other times he had never looked quite so serious, nor had he been as quiet.
Dismounting, I tied my horse next to Sword's and followe
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Writing Challenge 2014 September
I watched my brother dismount and start tying the reigns to a stunted tree.
"Sword," I said tersely, "What the hell is your plan?"
He looked up at me.
"I should have thought that was obvious. We go in and we find the dragon and the stairs. I distract the dragon while you climb every staircase you get to until you reach the tower with the princess. You get her out of here and you keep her safe."
Then he was walking away before I could think of a reply or put together my own thoughts on this "plan." I dismounted quickly so I could follow.
I followed him through the first gate into a courtyard that was very nearly destroyed. The paving stones were covered in moss and grass pushed up where they were broken. I could see now that the high walls around the courtyard were falling down in places. I was hit with the realization that this castle must have been abandoned far longer than I had thought to have this level of destruction on it. This was more than just the damage a dragon would do when
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Writing Challenge 2014 August
I stared at the gate. Even sitting on my horse, the gate was far taller than I was. If it had been fully closed, I would have doubted even Sword and I together could have pulled it open.
As it was, the gate was raised half way. This immediately made me question the intelligence of just walking in, which was the bulk of Sword's plan. I trusted my brother with my life, but that hardly meant I was prepared to agree to all of his plans without even questioning them.
Not that it really mattered what I thought, Sword had already dismounted and was walking up to the gate. I hesitated, tightening my hands on the reigns, then swung my leg over and dropped to the ground. I followed quickly.
"Sword, I'm not sure--"
He shushed me, concentrating on what he could see passed the gate.
My brother ducked under the gate and into the main courtyard. Knowing I had no other choice, I did the same.
The couryard looked in more disrepair than I expected. Grass had sprung up between cracked stones while the fl
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Writing Challenge 2014 July
"Shield, just remember to stay away from me. As long as the dragon's focused on me you should be fine to get to the princess."
"So you keep saying." I mumbled. But my brother was already opening the castle gates, and was either ignoring me or too far ahead to hear me.
This was absurd. Charging into this castle with barely any plan, only my brother's sword and my shield against a dragon. No, not even. My brother's sword against a dragon, while I ran through the castle finding the princess who may or may not be in the highest tower and getting her outside before Sword was killed by the dragon.
This was dangerous, even for my brother's planning. While we had always gotten out alive thanks to him and his plans, that was hardly going to stop me from worrying today. And this was different. The only way I could get out with the princess was if Sword kept the dragon busy until we were out or if he killed it. Which meant Sword's life was in my hands. This dragon had avoided death from who knew
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Writing Challenge 2014 June
I looked between the staircase on my left and the great hall to my right. The dragon roared, so loudly I covered my ears. I wanted us to get out of this place, and now.
Sword was facing off the dragon alone. And I had to hurry and get the princess out of this castle. But first I had to find her, and hope those townspeople were right when they said she'd be in the highest tower.
He'll be fine. He'll be fine. I repeated the words to myself over and over while I pounded up the first staircase. The faster I got the princess out, the faster we all got out of here.
I hesitated at the top of the last set of stairs, unsure if I should go left or right. On a whim, I ran left. I tested doors at random but none were locked, and none opened to a set of stairs. I reached the end of the hall with no luck. There was a window at the end of the hall. I looked out and down. As I looked, I heard a crash and watched the window on the ground floor explode out from the building. There was fir
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Writing Challenge 2014 May
I trust Sword. I trust my brother to lead us down the right path. I trust him with my life.
So why am I shaking? Why are my knees weak?
“Look on the bright side, Shield, if we die here you don’t have to explain to Father why you left the Seven Ships Kingdom without telling him!”
That’s right. None of Sword’s other plans have ever involved killing a dragon. That’s why my arms don’t even feel strong enough to hold up my shield.
“Alright, let’s go!”
“What? No, wait—“
Too late, my brother opened the castle doors and ran inside. I hesitated a moment, silently pleading that no one ended up dead on this mission. Then I hurried after him, already regretting allowing him to take the more dangerous part of the plan alone.
Even though I had hurried, when I entered the castle Sword was nowhere to be seen. I slowed, looking around at the walls blackened with soot. Faded tapestries hung askew on one side of the hall, on th
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Writing Challenge 2014 April
The dragon was purple. Not usually a very dangerous looking color, I know. But it was the kind of purple that made me think of poison, and its black claws looked dangerous enough even if they weren't poisonous. I didn't want to find out if this thing was poisonous or not. In fact, what I wanted was to run far away.
Sword grabbed my shoulder and turned me so I was looking at him instead of the dragon.
"Listen, I know what you're thinking."
"That thing is going to kill us! Why did I let you talk me into this?"
"See and I was right. You think we're going to die. Now, you've thought that about a lot of my plans and we're still breathing. So let's move on. Just remember the plan. You go to the tower and get the princess, then you bring her down and get her safely outside. Leave by another entrance if you can. By then I'll have taken care of the dragon. See? You've got nothing to worry about!"
I had everything to worry about. For instance, how I was supposed to go passed the dragon in the fi
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Writing Challenge 2014 March
"The plan is simple, Shield. I don't know why you're nervous."
"No, no reason to be nervous." I said sarcastically, staring up at the castle in front of us. "Going in, killing dragons. We do this all the time."
"Hey, you aren't the one killing the dragon. You just take care of the princess and get her out."
"Because that's going to be so much easier." I said under my breath. How Sword expected me to even get past the dragon to find the princess was beyond me.
That was my brother all over, claiming the hardest part of the plan for himself and laughing at me for being at all concerned. He never took my hesitations seriously. But his plans hadn't gotten us killed yet, so that was something.
"Let's go!"
I panicked. "Wait, now?"
"Yes, now. What, do you think the dragon is going to whither away if we just stand out here? Come on!"
I stared at my brother's back as he walked forward and easily opened the heavy door. Then he disappeared inside.
Fumbling with buckles, I unlatched my shield from
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Writing Challenge 2014 January (Finished)
I looked up at the castle, so tall it loomed over us. Then I looked to my brother.
"Are you sure this plan will work?"
"Of course. As long as we both keep our heads and do our parts this should work fine."
"If the dragon surprises you--"
"Don't worry about that. Just get the princess and get out."
Sword clapped a hand against my shoulder.
"Just get her out and keep her safe. That's all you have to worry about."
Even knowing that Sword's plans had rarely failed us yet, I couldn't help wishing he had put a little more effort into it.
Sword opened the castle door. A wave of foul air hit our noses.
My brother held his sword loosely in one hand and walked forward. I slid my arm through the straps of my sheild and followed after him.
The dragon was in the Great Room of the castle. It was smaller than I expected, and its scales were a deep, rich purple color that faded to pink at its claws, back ridges, horns, and nostrils. It was standing frozen in the middle of the room, its snout raised in
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Writing Challenge 2014 January (Unedited Original)
And that was how we ended up standing outside the ruins of an ancient castle. Black smoke rose from inside and out some of the windows. Where the dragon was.
"Do you understand the plan?"
I nodded.
"Just go find the princess and get her back to the village. I'll kill the dragon and meet you back there."
"I know, I understand."
I didn't like this plan, I felt like something was going to go wrong. But my brother had never failed yet when it came to making plans. When he made them, that is, instead of just flinging himself into the action like he usually did.
The castle was pretty small, and when we entered it was clear the dragon was in the great room. And theory said, the prncess would be beyond that.
Looking in the great room, we saw the dragon. It was smaller than I expected, but I felt revulsion for it all the same. Its scales were a deep, purple color and its claws were even darker, turning almotst blood red. Swrd gripped my shoulder and snuck into the room. I followed behind making
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A brief update on where some of my writerly things stand:

1) Hindsight Draft 4 is not even close to done, so I will not be finishing that before November. Instead I'll just take a month-long break from it, let it chill, and delve into it come December. There's a lot of work to do for it, and I got really stuck on the beginning (like always). I'm still happier with this version than the last one though, so I know I'm headed in the right direction! I've also been thinking over a few things for later books that make a lot of sense and I can keep those things in mind during Hindsight. I think this version might just turn out well, if I have the time to work on it that is!

2) I have had extremely limited time to work on Magician and the Knight, and I really miss it. I'm anxious to get back into it after November! I have been doing some doodling for it, which is fun. But nothing that I'd want to put up on Deviantart (not to mention most of it's been on sticky-notes). Merek, Roscoe, your stories will be written! 

3) Writing Challenge. As you can see here on Deviantart, I've been pretty good about getting the challenge done these last few months. I did, as I mentioned in October's version, shorten the scene to compensate for the crazy, hectic months that are October and November--but that's probably for the best.

And lastly:

4) NaNoWriMo! Saturday is the first day of November. Which means I will be working almost exclusively on The Many Lives of Gregory Marnes! Greg Marnes, as I will be calling the story for short, is mostly about accidental time travel as far as I can tell so far. It's my first time writing a time travel novel, so we'll see what happens. As usual, I'm going into NaNo with little to no plan. I was getting really stressed over NaNo for the last week or so until I had a realization that I wasn't following my own knowledge of the month. It's quantity, not quality. It's a first draft, not anything I will publish right away. I had the epiphany that look at Hindsight. Look at how different it is now than it was November 2010. Whatever crazy, foolish things I come up with, however many paragraphs about bread and butter, it doesn't matter. What I write in November is nothing but flinging words on a page trying to figure out which ones stick themselves into a decent plot. I don't need to be accurate. I don't need to be perfect. I just need to write it. And that's what I'm going to do.

Anyway, like I said this has just been an update on my current major projects. There's so much I want to do for my writing, if only I had the time for it all!


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